Trying to Make Sense of a Not So Virtual Reality

I rarely do this, and I do not think I know any of you. I am compelled to add a thought or two.

Every time I hear that interpretation is subjective in this context I want to puke. That is
offensive, condescending and tone deaf. But I digress.

It is at best insensitive to use a canine analogy in trying to make the point Donna. While
your points may hold “some water”, it seems to me that in order to universalize something
you must see it for what it is. So yes, I agree that what is happening in this minute is a
universal tragedy. Slavery was a universal tragedy. 3/5th of a person was also universal

You must acknowledge race and see it before these issues can be resolved. Part of the
problem has always been well intentioned folks saying these issues are universal. I do not
recall seeing anyone but black folks being treated this way. So, I beg you not to
intellectualize black pain. Pain is universal but this pain has context.

Bravo Susan!

 COVID Courts?

November 25, 2020

COVID Courts?

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