Good morning. As I lay awake – unable to sleep for want of a quiet mind- I reflect on two of
nature’s forces: LIGHT and darkness. The forces of LIGHT include the poor, the down-trodden,
those relegated to the fringe of society by happenstance or parentage, social position, or the
WOKE. They endeavor to improve their individual circumstance and the societal human

The forces of darkness rely on privilege- usually white – and societal institutions – police, courts,
mass incarceration – to enforce and buttress dying retrogressive traditions, maintain “LAW and
ORDER” and “keep the others” in their place.

Forces of light ILLUMINATES. It is diagnostic, prognostic, antiseptic (but don’t drink it), and
true. It can be reformative or revolutionary.

Our court system as a concept can be LIGHT but is too often darkness. But the guardians (which
includes some of us) manipulate, contort, massage, strangle it in order to keep its knee on the
neck of black folk. While they control the levers of power, those who eat at its trough will use
institutions in their attempts to put out LIGHT. It’s hard to give up the unearned positions
bestowed by a racist society; damn hard and human. Sometimes LIGHT has to pry fairness and
justice from the undeserved’s tightly clenched fingers or cold dead hands so to speak. Good
riddance to Mr. Heston.

Likewise, LAS as a concept yada yada yada. It’s a microcosm of the best of and also the ills of
the larger society by degrees.

Fortunately, LIGHT is tantamount to WOKE. Once it happens it persists; cannot be unlearned,
so to speak.

As Bob Marley said: some people are so poor all they have is money. Be rich in spirit; don’t be a

Black folk are love. We are forgiving to a fault. The more America heaps transgressions on black
folk, and adjudicates rights in a wretched, obtuse, weighted CRIMINAL justice system, the more
we believe that America can be better, is better than the current expression of its credo. We know
that cause we have come a long way with farther to go.

Still, we love America.

Cops do choke. It is not only while golfing and missing three-foot putts. Just ask ERIC

BOW: Black





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