Today is a great day; it is a joyful day, because this not guilty verdict says wake up you mighty
people; have some respect for yourselves. It is a call to arms- not violence- but whatever
must be done; Civil disobedience so that the enemy will shudder under the weight of the
righteousness of our cause.

This trial carried the hopes of the black community, and the hopes of all righteous people for
justice. The system said: If this is what you produce as witnesses, if this is the best you have,
regardless of the evidence, it is not good enough.

Now, do we believe that the result would have changed if the character of the witnesses had
been different? The issue was not the character of the witnesses. It was what the man
appointed trier of fact said: The state of mind of the cops. Their state of mind was murder,
and we know on that count they are convicted by their lying hearts.

Neville Mitchell

The difference is George Floyd had video. Imagine if Sean’s murder and the hail of bullets
was on video?

 COVID Courts?

November 25, 2020

COVID Courts?