NY Daily News: “Black public defenders blast ‘racist’ white colleague running for City Council over school integration issues”

Written By: Neville Mitchell ESQ.

We grow tired. Just from the quotes I read and nothing more – I can say – no believe though not
with less certitude than ninety nine and forty four one hundredths percent- that the candidate
doth protest too much.

You aren’t being called a racist because you have a different opinion. Your opinion is grounded
in thought that has subjugated black folk forever, and knows no bounds for its idiocy. Ask any
person whose life you condescendingly say you have “improved” (patronizing and arrogant)
and to the charge against you of racism they would not say opinion. They would say FACTS
despite your belief that you have improved their lives – opinion. FACTS Ms. M_ron.

Not all concerns are valid. You just think they should be because the nonsense being spewed
spills from the mouth of the 99 and 44/100th percenters; the preventers of black progress.

A Luta Continua.

 COVID Courts?

November 25, 2020

COVID Courts?

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