These cases are distinct. As lawyers we need to educate our people. There was no
question that this would be the result of the grand jury inquiry. This was law; not justice.
This was not a system that would affirm Breonna Taylor’s humanity.

In order to do that we must get rid of the talking heads on television that are feeding our
folks pablum. The real question is systemic racism that allows law enforcement to execute a
warrant in this way: Breonna Taylor’s and any other black body present during their slave
raid humanity was not even considered.

The law is pretty clear here. Now a thoughtful, woke DA probably could have gotten a
charge which ultimate would’ve been dismissed by a judge or not guilty by a judge or jury.

So, folks we must get to the root. No more qualified immunity for cops, no more immunity
for DA’s that hide discovery and lock up people wrongfully for decades, no more immunity
for judges who make blatantly unconstitutional rulings or politician who promote the mass
degrading of our people based on a system that any first- year law student could have told
you was unconstitutional: STOP and FRISK.

And by the way why are we so concerned about ex “felons” in Florida voting when right here
“upSOUTH” in New York, the vote is also imperiled.

There is a whole lot to do. We must strategize, educate and then move on the hypocrisy.

 COVID Courts?

November 25, 2020

COVID Courts?

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