Written By: Neville Mitchell ESQ.


“It’s amazing why we keep loving this country and this country doesn’t love us back”. “We are the ones being hung; we are the ones being shot”. Doc Rivers’ timely and appropriate expression of the frustration felt by many African Americans is raw and poignant. I have new found respect for Doc even though I didn’t even like him when he was a Knick; but I digress.

The fear expressed by white America acknowledges the enormity, pervasiveness, and inhumanity of WHITENESS’S transgressions committed against black folk. “Normal” folks would lash out and destroy other communities instead of their own. Black folk invariably internalize violence committed by the larger community and express it against themselves. So called black on black crime is the manifestation of systemic genocidal policies not an innate or natural tendency of the actors. We are peace loving people even in the worst of times.

Whiteness-ers are afraid because this country knows what it has done to black bodies, colored bodies, Native American bodies, and any BODY who does not fit into that square peg filling that round hole: WHITENESS as distinct from white people. Whiteness-ers are right to be afraid because they know what they would do if they were treated as they have treated the “others”. See exhibit A: A misguided teenager – actions inspired by his unfounded belief that peace loving black folk are coming for his suburbs led by Corey Booker – shoots and kills Black Lives Matter liberators in WisconSIN. Whiteness-ers response is reflexively violent; and has been violence. It’s the way that this wonderful-even with its truly contemptible traits- country was birthed.

You need not be afraid for black folk are God’s people. Again your fear is inversely related to our violent actions against you for your past abhorrent actions against us. Just look at the history.

Whiteness-ers real issue is that they know black folk are God’s people. They just believe that they ARE GOD. But they too are only God’s people. Even so called blue lives, the overseers and protectors of WHITENESS, are GOD’s people. When they recognize, accept this and “act like it”, much of our collective problems will begin to be solved.

[What’s happening with COVID COURTS is a classic symptom of WHITENESS. OCA believes it’s GOD. Black bodies in the court system are less than. LAS’s response and our union response to LAS – which is akin to destroying your own community- is to coin a phrase “weak”. Traditional, scripted, may be even admirable but weak. Did we really believe the a court was going to tell OCA (themselves) that they are wrong and reverse course from practicing WHITENESS?]

GOD? She is looking down on us all and is not pleased. DO SOMETHING! We should stop moving our mouths. We ought to move our feet. Better yet we should do both. Hit the streets and educate the people we say we care about instead of continuing to talk to each other and OCA about “them”, and how concerned we are for their safety in COVID COURTS.


 COVID Courts?

November 25, 2020

COVID Courts?

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