ALAS, LAS, the people elected Barack Hussein Obama. He was, is and ever will be a proponent
of “Herd Humanity”.

Whiteness then elected a buffoon who last night attempted to uttetr“ Herd Immunity” but
instead said “Herd Mentality”. Freudian may be, but OMG!

A majority of Whites voted for this person, including white females. In so doing – whatever you
think of HRC- they rejected the most qualified woman to ever run for president. Truth is that
based on her credentials, HRC was the most qualified PERSON to ever run for the office (my

Now why would white folks reject her? 1/2 percent here or 1 percent there and the Buffoon
would have been trounced.

A clown gets treated as if he is a serious person based simply on being white and male. Dude
cannot even string a sentence together without powerfully or strongly or whatever his created
idiotic idiom of the day is.

Anyway, you traded in “Herd Humanity” for “Herd Mentality” because reactionary Americans
are afraid of the coming browning of the country. Rest assured when black folk progress,
everybody’s boat rises.

BE NOT AFRAID. We are the forgiving sort. Just look at our history. We love y’all. I do not know
why it’s so difficult to show us love back.

A Luta Continua.

 COVID Courts?

November 25, 2020

COVID Courts?

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