Fellow Travelers: Puppets and Puppeteers

Just saw BARRSBILL – so called attorney general – on early start regurgitate the ridiculous
claim that since black cops also, in a word, mistreat black bodies, then the claim of system
racism is tenuous – I guess. What?

Well, I suppose the same holds true for black lawyers, black judges, black doctors, black
administrators and dare I saw black “slaves” who ran their master’s plantations or any black
person who appears to have responsibility or power over black bodies and abuse it.

It is the same ridiculous argument that they posit regarding so called “black and black” crime.
We do not argue about “white on white” crime or “Asian in Asian”. The whole discussion is a
red or should I say “white” herring; I guess it is sort of like “blue lives” fallacy.

People in systems mistreat the persons they are charged with taking care of or policing, etc.
That’ is why it is called systemic racism. The actors – be they Black White or Asian take on the
attributes, attitudes and enforce the policy and objectives of the larger society. George Floyd’s
murderers were apparently Black (Alex Keung), Asian (Tou Thao) and the white knee on neck
knee killer (Derek Chauvin). That is manifestation systemic racism.

Of course, there is fear, “choking like missing a three- foot put”, cowardice, apathy, and the
more fundamental and endemic phenomenon of Black self- hate. Some of our own- and it
probably holds true for other groups – have so internalized the larger society’s beliefs into our
own normative behavior that we seamlessly set excessive bail, pronounce draconian sentences,
stomp on arrestees, and represent black bodies with a mindset that is tantamount to
“Pavlovian” type behavior. Hence as Malcolm observed we have two legged dogs setting four
legged dogs on black bodies. It’s an absurd extrapolation of “teach a man to fish”.

When governmental systems, social structures, including the media, condition the entire
populous with the same racist narrative every day and every hour and every minute and every
second from birth, it’s not too far a reach to wear the masters’ wares and internalize “his”
habits and beliefs. A lot of it resides in the unconscious. Sometimes a chair is just a chair, yo!

BLACK LIVES MATTER. Black girls rock. It go so!

Heavy for the morning coffee, but what the hell.

 COVID Courts?

November 25, 2020

COVID Courts?

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