COVID Courts?

Written By: Neville Mitchell ESQ.


Great questions Monica. I’m astonished – may be not quite- at how OCA has ignored LAS . Leadership continues to have meetings articulating what they have learned, their positions, hiring experts, etc, and then – if they are to be believed – were completely blindsided by OCA. It shows OCA’s fundamental lack of respect for an inclusive process.

The gravamen of the sister’s questions are what are we going to DO. We have said a lot. We have may be “planned” some. But what are we prepared to DO?

It is not enough to say that when a particular judge does “X”, then notify a supervisor. There are a limited set of options that a given judge might choose. Wouldn’t it be better to game out our response in advance? Set them up for litigation, if that’s the plan. Mind you what is happening here calls for more than litigation.

I will say this for Tina, Janet and leadership: You do not stifle conversation. You seem to listen. But the problem as I see it is we get the same pablum. What are you prepared to do?

Quite frankly we don’t know what the plan is because there may not be one. At least no plan that has been shared with the employees at large.

We cannot go to a cesspool for viral infections: “COVID COURTS” are going to open. It is inimical to our health. More important it is the definition of racism to force black and brown people to come to court on pain of death on mass transportation, possibly get infected, go home and infect their families, sicken more black and brown people and kill many of them.

What are you prepared to do, DO (not talk) for your staff and by extension for the people we represent, the voiceless, the people not at the table with OCA and the institutional providers. These are the people whose lives will really be on the line in large part. I know we “represent” them. CAN WE NOW TRULY SPEAK FOR THEM.

What are you prepared to do? What’s the plan?

A Luta Continua,

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